Xternal Shine is a professional car cleaning service company specializing in exterior car washing, interior cleaning, and vehicle detailing. Being involved in the motor industry for the past 5 years we came to realise the need for a reliable, trustworthy service orientated company, with a hands-on approach. Xternal Shine was developed from a passion of keeping a clean ride and the frustration of trying to find a car wash in our area to satisfy our expectations of a car wash service. Our frustration led us to starting a mobile car wash service in 2016 in the West Coast area where we had seen a gap in the market within the vicinity of our home. We soon realised however that we needed to grow the business to include a car wash facility, which then birthed our first location in Goodwood in 2017.

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Most amazing service ever…went in there with a knock/scratch on my car the guys there was ready to help immediately they clear the mark made on the car with the most excellent service…sweetest and kindest staff…and great at what they do.!

-Berenita Archery